Participant of COCARDE Network

University of Catania

The palaeontology team of the Catania University deals with multidisciplinary marine research, mostly within ecology and palaeocology of Coenozoic to Recent benthic assemblages from the Mediterranean basin, and from the NE Atlantic, Antarctic, Sub-antarctic and SE Asia. Studies are finalised to characterise different habitats from the continental shelf and slope and to reconstruct the spatial and temporal evolution of the benthic communities. Special emphasis is devoted to the study of build-ups both from shelf (Coralligenous ecosystem and bryozoan-serpulid bioconstructions) and slope environments (Cold-Water Coral ecosystems) through palaeoecological and taphonomical approaches. Taxonomic expertises centre mostly on bryozoans, serpulids, ostracods, molluscs, cirripeds and coralline algae.
The team has been involved in (a) the Italian project FIRB-APLABES 2004-2006 (Apulian Plateau Bank Ecosystem Study) focused on deep-sea coral mounds off Santa Maria di Leuca, in the Ionian Sea, (b) the Corallo Rosso project in the Sicily Straits also including some würmian white-coral habitats, (c) two MATTM projects (2007-2008 and 2009-2010) about the assessment of the biodiversity and colonization in coralligenous and underwater cave communities, (d) a project on the coralligenous and white coral bioconstructions from Apulia, and (e) several local projects including paleontological studies of Plio-Pleistocene deep-sea outcrops from Sicily.


The main expertises of the team are as follows:

  • Taxonomy, ecology and palaeoecology of benthic communities with emphasis on bioconstructions and relationships of the skeletonised species
  • Taphonomy
  • Facies analysis and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions
  • Sedimentologic and bionomic cartography


Recent and on-going projects

  • PRIN 2006-2007– Catastrophic events and their impact on benthic faunas of meso- and infralittoral soft bottoms: the case of the Khao Lak coastal area (Andaman Sea, Thailand).
  • MATTM 2007-2009- Study of infralittoral hard bottoms in four Marine Protected Areas.
  • MATTM 2008-2010- Study of submerged marine cave environments (COD. 8330) in the Marine Protected Areas of Capo Caccia, Plemmirio and Isole Pelagie.
  • 2011- Marine bioconstructions in Apulia (Biocostruzioni marine in Puglia, P.O. FESR 2007-2013. Asse 4, Linea 4.4. Interventi per la rete ecologica).



The team benefits from the facilities of the Department of Geological Sciences and of the Catania University and is in charge of the laboratories of Palaeoecology, Sedimentology, Electronic Microscopy.




Prof. Dr. 
Antonietta Rosso


Prof. Dr. 
Francesco Sciuto


Prof. Dr.
Rossana Sanfilippo


Raffaella Di Geronimo


Vincenzo Di Martino


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