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Logo_GRC-GMGRC-GM (Grup de Recerca Consolidat en Geociències Marines) has been involved in dozens of oceanographic cruises in oceans all over the world, using a wide range of geophysical techniques, sampling tools, and long term monitoring devices. GRC-GM has recognized expertise in bathymetry data acquisition and processing, combined with HR and VHR seismic reflection profiling. GRC-GM is also renowned by its excellence on research of past climate changes using a variety of sedimentary and geochemical proxies. Long-term and high frequency monitoring experiments of the marine environment using networks of moored-arrays with currentmeter/sediment traps pairs have been completed successfully in many regions in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and off Antarctica. GRC-GM uses large and mid-size oceanographic vessels, and manned submersibles, either by its own or in the frame of international scientific cooperation. Further information:



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