To begin to realise the scope of opportunities that bringing together fisheries, food and responsible tourism might bring the TourFish (Tourism for Inshore Fishing, Food and Sustainability) cluster was created. TourFish brings together the expertise and experiences from two INTERREG IVa 2 Seas funded projects, GIFS (Geography of Inshore Fishing and Sustainability) and Fish and Chips, alongside other partners including Sidmouth Trawlers, Nausicaa and Festival L'Homme et la Mer in Guilvinec.

A key aim was to demonstrate how the work and experience from all partners could be brought together under the umbrella of responsible tourism to reveal new opportunities in food and fisheries for the sustainable development of communities. A common theme running throughout all the work of TourFish is thinking about how the production, preparation and
consumption of food can contribute to new opportunities for sustainable development.

For more information about the TourFish project, visit the TourFish website.

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