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CSA in Marine Biotechnology

CSA MarineBiotech was project number 289311 in the FP7-KBBE programme. There were 11 partners from 9 European countries. The total cost was €1,186,437, of which the EU has contributed €999,870 (approx. 84%) and the project started October 1st 2011 and finished March 31st 2013. During the course of the project, 2 workshops and 1 public conference were organised by the consortium members, in order to bring together stakeholders (researchers, industry, policymakers, funders), to discuss priorities and actions in the marine biotechnology context.

The main goal of the CSA MarineBiotech was to prepare the foundation for an ERA-NET in the area of marine biotechnology, which required:

  • gaining a better understanding of the Marine Biotechnology RTDI landscape in Europe and beyond, by carrying out an analysis of the current landscape (research effort, infrastructures, stakeholders, strategies and programmes, gaps and barriers to cooperation) and preparing three reports and contributions to conferences;
  • mobilising key stakeholders and extending the partnership of funding agencies by means of pro-active engagement with relevant and potentially interested funding agencies and stakeholders through setting up the MarineBiotech Strategic Forum and the MarineBiotech Stakeholders Group and the organisation of information sessions, workshops and other project activities;
  • disseminating information about activities in order to raise the profile and awareness of marine biotechnology, by organising information sessions, workshops and other project activities;
  • sketching the contours of future cooperation between funding agencies in the area of Marine Biotechnology, by supporting the extended network of funding agencies and representative governmental organisations in setting the stage for the set-up of appropriate cooperation tools to develop joint programmes and pool resources for collaborative research on a European scale; and
  • managing information relevant to marine biotechnology research, technology development and innovation, making this available via a dedicated website (including Wiki pages), newsletters, reports and briefing documents.

The CSA MarineBiotech has achieved all of these components of the main goal.