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Work Packages


WP 1 oversees the management and coordination functions of the project.

WP 6 focuses on delivering tailored communication and dissemination activities and products, including newsletters, this website and a final public conference.

In between there are four thematic Work Packages which represent the core of the project:

WP 2 provides strategic direction to the ERA-MarineBiotech and builds the foundation of a network of European funding agencies and other stakeholders to support marine biotechnology RTDI.  Outputs will influence future policy formulation, establish research priorities, strengthen European marine biotechnology collaborative research and inform ERA-MarineBiotech project calls.

WP 3 explores and identifies challenges on the road to develop marine biotechnology into a sustainable and strong driver supporting industrial development and valorisation in Europe.

WP 4 will link ERA-MarineBiotech with national, European and international activities and in order to reduce fragmentation of research efforts in MBT via better coordination and cooperation between relevant players (other ERA-NETs and (global) activities).

WP 5 aims at implementing two forms of joint activities: joint transnational calls and training activities. A minimum of three joint transnational calls will be managed during the four-year period of ERA-MarineBiotech. WP 5 will interact closely with all WPs to define the call topics and global strategy and disseminate the results and data from the transnational projects into existing databases.

The overall coordination and management structure: