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One of the central aims of the ERA-MarineBiotech is to provide access to relevant information in the field of marine biotechnology. Open-access resources will be updated continuously during the ERA-MarineBiotech and beyond. This long-term living resource will serve as an information exchange hub to mobilize a broad European marine biotech RTDI community.



The MarineBiotech Infopages will aggregate information on marine biotechnology, taking better care of existing knowledge.
  • This will improve the understanding of marine biotechnology research tools, technologies and application areas.
  • They will inform funding agencies, stakeholders and the interested public about developments, achievements and knowledge in this area.
  • They also integrate an extensive inventory of European and global Marine Biotechnology RTDI Strategies, Programmes and Initiatives to  respond effectively to the dynamic nature of policy documents and contact information.

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An Information Management System is put in place to offer access to information about Marine Biotechnology stakeholders (persons and institutions) and projects in Europe and beyond.
  • This system provide a structured information database about and for participating marine biotechnology stakeholders, funding agencies, SME’s, networks and initiatives in Europe.
  • All stakeholders associated with a European company, institute, network or project and active in the field of Marine Biotechnology are encouraged to add contact or project details to the information database.
  • In the longer term, the database will facilitate the consultation of a publicly-accessible resource regarding the Marine Biotechnology landscape in Europe.

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The MarineBiotech library provides a compilation of relevant policy documents, scientific reports and news articles in the field of marine biotechnology.

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Marine Training

ERA-MBT has listed the existing operational programs within a marine biotechnology context, including fundamental knowledge on integrative biology of marine organisms and biotechnology exploitation.

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Guidelines for Communication in the value chain: "From academic knowledge to value creation"

The aim of this tool is to increase the focus on good communications to be used in applied RTDI projects for value creation from marine biotechnology.

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