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Final conference poster presentations

Relevant Marine Biotechnology related research projects and initiatives were exhibited in a poster section. To download the poster presentations, please click on the titles below.

To download the oral presentations, please click on the titles in the conference programme.



Céline Allewaert, Annick Verween and Wim Vyverman
EU FP7 BAMMBO: sustainable production of biologically active molecules of marine based origin

Leonid Bugrov
The place of sustainable aquaculture in ‘blue growth’ strategy for the Baltic Sea

Beate Cuypers and Frank Neudörfer
SUBMARINER - Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources

Willem De Moor
The European Joint Programming Initiative for healthy and productive seas and oceans
(JPI Oceans)

Renata Denaro, Salvatore Mazzola, Michail Yakimov and Laura Giuliano
RITMARE - Italian research and industry for the sea

Antonio Fernàndez-Guerra, Renzo Kottmann, Albert Barberán Torrents, Frank Oliver Glöckner and Emilio O. Casamayor
Unraveling the unknown unknowns in the metagenomic protein universe using graphical models

Johannes F. Imhoff
The Kiel Center for Marine Natural Products – innovations in marine biotechnology

Nicolas Kalogerakis and Philippe Corvini
FP7 Project Kill•Spill: integrated biotechnological solutions for combating marine oil spills

Wiebe H.C.F. Kooistra
The European Marine Biological Resource Centre

Antje Labes
MARINE FUNGI - natural products from marine fungi for the treatment of cancer

Bert Lemmens, Ilse Geyskens and Griet Casteleyn
Flemish Algae Platform (Vlaams Algenplatform)

Jennifer Littlechild, Halina Novak, Christopher Sayer, Andrew Mearns Spragg
and Misha Isupov

Marine enzymes with applications in biocatalysis

Bunei Nishimura, Denis Bailly and Pascal Le Floc’H
The economics of marine biotechnology: the golden triangle of blue growth

Beatriz Novoa and Antonio Figueras
Identification of innate immune mechanisms of marine organisms

Reis Rui L., Tiago H. Silva, Martina Milanese – SPECIAL project consortium
SPECIAL - Sponge cells and enzymes for innovative applications

Jaakko Seppälä, Heidi Ruuska, Rasa Slizyte, Revilija Mozuraityte, Riitta Kervinen
and Raija Lantto

APROPOS – added value from high oil and high protein industrial co-streams

Judith Sewing, Silke Erdmann and Holger Notbohm
Marine biopolymer for tissue repair: engineering cartilage on jellyfish collagen matrices

Lolke Sijtsma and Maria Barbosa
SPLASH: Sustainable polymers from algae sugars and hydrocarbons

Andrew Smith, Nils-Peder Willassen and Dag Inge Våge
ELIXIR: a distributed life sciences infrastructure supporting innovation in marine sciences

Rüdiger Stöhr, Levent Piker and Christoph Plieth
High molecular weight antioxidative compounds from marine macroalgae

Vitor Vasconcelos and Susana Moreira
New trends in marine biotechnology at CIIMAR

Roman Wenne, Anita Poćwierz-Kotus, Agnieszka Kijewska, Magdalena Warzecha, Aleksei Krasnov, Małgorzata Zbawicka, Matthew Peter Kent and Sigbjørn Lien
Genetic resources of fish and shellfish populations in the southern Baltic Sea