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The MarineBiotech Infopages are created within the coastal and marine Wiki: ‘an Internet encyclopaedia providing up-to-date high quality information for and by coastal and marine professionals’. This freely accessible software was developed and used during MARBEF, ENCORA and other European projects, and adapted for the MarineBiotech project. The technology allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize the content of a website, through a very accessible web interface with sufficient quality control. Other advantages of the portal of Marine Biotechnology are:

  • easy to edit, user friendly
  • control changes – edit rights
  • fully searchable and linked

The MarineBiotech Infopages will aggregate information on marine biotechnology, taking better care of existing knowledge. This will improve the understanding of marine biotechnology research tools, technologies and application areas. They will inform funding agencies, stakeholders and the interested public about developments, achievements and knowledge in this area. They also integrate an extensive inventory of European and global Marine Biotechnology RTDI Strategies, Programmes and Initiatives to  respond effectively to the dynamic nature of policy documents and contact information.

The integration of this knowledge into the Coastal and Marine Wiki is supporting the main objectives of the Coastal and Marine Wiki:

  • to -take better advantage of existing knowledge-
  • to communicate knowledge among fellow experts and to public at large
  • to avoid the issue that coastal and marine issues often refer to specific field situations and are published as grey literature
  • to avoid that results published on project sites become inaccessible after the project has ended


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