VLIZ attaches great importance to supporting education with sound knowledge of the sea. Two target groups are paramount in this, schools and guides. 

For education, the main focus is 'Planet Sea'. This website is a tool for teachers to integrate the ocean into their lessons and to make young people ocean literate. 'Planet Sea' offers teaching modules for secondary schools around various themes and following a recognizable pattern: on the one hand a background document for the teacher and on the other hand work bundles for students. In this way they can actively acquire the insights and theory themselves. The intention is that teachers and pupils learn to look at the seas and the ocean through different glasses. 

Guides can ride the wave of information that VLIZ shares with the interested public. They receive partial training through the VLIZ and are welcome at the annual Trefdag for Coastal Guides, organized by the VLIZ and the Province of West Flanders