Knowledge valorization to policy

VLIZ has a dedicated mission to valorise marine research towards marine and coastal policy. This involves translating the latest scientific insights into policy-relevant products and services. In addition, VLIZ invests in scientific knowledge building on policy-relevant themes and identifies knowledge gaps that can be taken up by the marine research community. In this way, the institution wants to contribute to a sustainable and scientifically underpinned policy for marine and coastal areas. The policy information work also frames within the cooperation agreement with the Province of West Flanders.

Compendium for Coast and Sea

The Compendium for Coast and Sea is a one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date knowledge and information regarding the coast and sea in Flanders and Belgium (incl. Scheldt Estuary). It bundles a number of publications and web applications that contribute to the underpinning of marine and coastal (science) policy:


Policy Informing Briefs (PIBs)

VLIZ can provide cost-free and targeted policy-relevant information at the request of its target groups, as well as on its own initiative. This information is made available in Policy Informing Briefs (PIBs), which cover a wide range of marine and coastal themes.

In addition, VLIZ also responds to policy requests for targeted advice whereby tailored scientifically underpinned information is provided.

Participation in policy-relevant consultation platforms and networks

VLIZ actively participates in consultation platforms and networks with regard to marine and coastal policy. This enables us to keep our finger on the pulse and quickly detect emerging policy themes. These include international consultation platforms, such as working groups under the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), as well as federal, Flemish, provincial or local initiatives.

Policy-relevant projects and initiatives

VLIZ stimulates, initiates and actively participates in projects at the interface between marine research and policy. It often concerns European projects which focus on policy-relevant themes such as marine spatial planning, multiple use of marine space and marine protected areas (e.g. MSP4BIO and Blue4All), marine litter and pollution (e.g. Inspire, Treasure and SOS-Zeropol 2030). Furthermore, VLIZ also contributes to the shaping of the Mission Ocean (e.g. PREP4Blue, BlueMissionBanos, etc.).

In addition, VLIZ is active in regional/local projects and initiatives, such as the monitoring of Belgian recreational sea fisheries, the phasing out of lead use in angling and the stock take of non-indigenous species in the Belgian part of the North Sea and Scheldt Estuary.


Questions about the policy information work at VLIZ?