VLIZ's IT department has four core tasks

Develop, maintain and optimize marine data systems.

These data systems support marine science research. The use of modern technologies and standards is always encouraged. 

Examples of marine data systems managed by VLIZ are: Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS), taxonomic registry Aphia, MarineRegions, Marine Data Archive (MDA) ... - see overview

IT Operations

The IT department monitors a large number of systems so that they continue to function smoothly. 

Examples include: the Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility of IOC/UNESCO, GeoServer, real-time data synchronization systems (e.g. MIDAS).


User support

IT helps employees of VLIZ and partners at the InnovOcean site with IT-related hardware and software issues. 

Participate in networks and projects 

IT participates in (inter)national networks and projects to keep abreast of new technologies and standards. 

Examples: World Register of Marine Species Steering Committee (WoRMS), Information Systems Working Group Catalogue of Life (CoL), Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) and Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC).