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How realistic is EU’s ambition to achieve zero pollution in marine waters under current legislation?

Added on: 2023-05-17
The SOS-ZEROPOL2030 project made a compilation of legislation and policy-relevant documents, clarifying the feasibility of EU’s ambition to achieve zero pollution in marine waters. “Are you looking for a way out of the European pollution policy labyrinth? Stop searching for the magic and check the new delivery by the SOS-ZEROPOL2030 team!” This quote by Thomas Maes (GRID-Arendal) to introduce the high applicability of this summary report for policy makers, scientists and industry. ...

Flanders Marine Institute officially endorsed as a UN Ocean Decade Partner

Added on: 2023-05-03
The Ocean Decade global partners’ network keeps expanding. The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has recently been endorsed by the UN as an Decade Implementing partner due to its general commitment in supporting the goals of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). In particular, the Brilliant Marine Research Idea Grant (#BMRI) and the VLIZ Marine Science Day (#VMSD) are recognized to help deliver ‘the science we need for a healthy and resilient ocean by 2030’. ...

Six laureates receive a Brilliant Marine Research Idea grant

Added on: 2023-04-28
The Sea as a Good Cause – the philanthropy work of VLIZ – awards several Brilliant Marine Research Idea grants every year. These BMRI grants, each worth €5000, are made possible thanks to the membership fees of the more than 1000 VLIZ member, as well as thanks to donations and sponsorship. The six laureates for 2023 have been announced: Jadon Beerlandt (KU Leuven), Joëlle De Weerdt (VUB), Bram Martin (UGent), Michiel Perneel & Jens Dujardin (VLIZ), Ilias Semmouri (UGent) and Kelly Thys (UHasselt). Read below what research they are planning with these extra funds. ...

Calling in our Corals: citizens helping to recognise underwater sounds

Added on: 2023-04-19
Anyone with 3 minutes time and an internet connection can assist coral researchers, and help to restore coral reefs around the world. Google Arts & Culture is launching the unique experiment 'Calling in our Corals', and you all can contribute! Train your ear to recognise the sounds of a coral reef, and start identifying in-situ underwater recordings. By doing so, you'll help create a better-trained artificial intelligence, making it easier for scientists to monitor the progress of coral reef recovery. VLIZ researchers Clea Parcerisas and Elisabeth Debusschere contributed to this grand Google experiment by providing underwater sound recordings and results of their research. ...

After Brexit, a different future for Flanders fisheries

Added on: 2023-04-12
ILVO and VLIZ, together with local actors in Flanders fisheries, are entering into a close collaboration in the framework of the 'Brexit Adjustment Reserve' (BAR). After all, Brexit has far-reaching consequences for the Flanders fishing fleet. Especially the smaller vessels with limited fall-back options, are severely disadvantaged and are looking for a sustainable way out for the future. The cooperation project examines the opportunities for developing new economic carriers and how to strengthen resilience for small-scale and sustainable niche fisheries. ...

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