Informing the public

VLIZ aims to maximize the involvement of the general public in knowledge building around the ocean and seas. Therefore, it actively and innovatively invests in various forms of science communication and public outreach. 

Several magazines bring marine news to the general public in an understandable way. 

  • The digital Testerep magazine is published monthly and brings VLIZ research and current news about the ocean and seas. 
  • The Grote Rede is an information magazine with broad knowledge about the ocean and seas, published twice a year free of charge. 
  • The Zeekrant, in turn, is an annual publication full of facts about the sea, aimed specifically at tourists on our coast. The Zeekrant is available free of charge in tourist centers and other seaside pick-up points. 
  • Those interested in visual scientific data and information can visit the Coastal Portal

As a point of contact for the sea(sciences), VLIZ helps the national and international press with substantive information, multimedia material and/or a referral to other experts. 

In addition, VLIZ organizes many events, from short information sessions, extensive international conferences, lectures, science cafes to interactive public days. VLIZ helps you with questions about sea and coast, and gets to work on innovative formats to share information with the general public in a fresh way. 

Upcoming events