Protect marine life in Chile

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Chile's coastal zone is among the most productive ecosystems in the world. Recently, economic developments are eroding the traditional way of life of the - often isolated - coastal communities. Thanks to donations, we support local researchers in the purchase of scientific measuring equipment. The knowledge from the data collected enables them to roll out a network of marine protected areas. This is the only way to protect these fragile marine ecosystems.

DoNATE To support the Chilean Researchers in protecting marine biodiversity

The fjords and channels of southern Chile are recognised worldwide as top priority for nature conservation. The habitat has a unique marine biodiversity. The recognition of the global importance of this area has been preceded by years of marine research, often in harsh conditions and with limited means.
Establishing and scientifically supporting a network of marine protected areas in the feeding and mating grounds of large marine mammals, and along their migration routes is crucial. Recently, a step in the right direction was taken. In the Gulf of Corcovado, they demarcated the zones where blue whales raise their calves each summer as reserves (Chiloé Island). Good for 110,000 hectares of protected marine area!
Research and monitoring remain much needed to underpin effective measures to protect these key species and their habitat. However, the resources available for research are too limited for this vast and barely accessible area.

Our contribution: researchers and volunteers affiliated to the local Universidad Austral de Chile collect data on the presence of species and their habitats during fieldwork. They can only do this by using appropriate (sampling) equipment. The Sea as a Good Cause helps them move forward by investing in the purchase of this equipment.

Your donation enables the purchase of sampling equipment and thus support the Chilean researchers in their fieldwork. Donations can be made via the webshop or by transferring to the philanthropy bank account of the Flanders Marine Institute: BE70 0017 1687 3425 with the reference 'Gift for marine biodiversity Chile'. Donations from EUR 40 per year are tax deductible. Do you wish to sponsor? Please contact and we will look at the possibilities together.

Orka Bescherm het Mariene Leven in Chile

Thanks to donations specifically for the 'Protect Marine Life in Chile' project, The Sea as a Good Cause was able to purchase photographic equipment to enhance the marine researchers' fieldwork.  Specifically, an SLR camera, attributes for a professional underwater camera and a drone. These devices are necessary for monitoring marine biodiversity. High-resolution photos provide individual identification of cetaceans. The underwater photos help determine the different marine species and community structure. The drone is deployed to determine the density of marine mammals along with their relative size. The devices are successfully deployed during research cruises aboard the M/N Noctiluca in the fjords and channels of the Archipelago de los Chonos Aysén.