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Particle and Interfacial Technology Group (UGent-PaInT)

Parent institute: Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen; Vakgroep Groene Chemie en Technologie (UGent), more

Thesaurus term : Desalinisation
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9000 Gent
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Type: Scientific

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The Particle and Interfacial Technology (PaInT) group focuses on various physico-chemical aspects of dispersions and solutions, such as:
  • formulation of colloidal dispersions, such as (double) emulsions, (nano)suspensions and liposomal dispersions;
  • removal of solutes from aqueous streams using advanced membrane processes, such as reverse osmosis (RO), forward osmosis (FO), electrodialysis (ED), etc.;
  • determination of particle size and surface charge characteristics;
  • determination of membrane surface charge and wettability characteristics;
  • physico-chemical treatment processes of water streams.

The marine research focuses on the development and optimisation of a novel hybrid membrane process for energy-efficient seawater desalination.

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  • Peer reviewed article Taelman, S.E.; de Luca Peña, L.V.; Préat, N.; Bachmann, T.M.; Van der Biest, K.; Maes, J.; Dewulf, J. (2023). Integrating ecosystem services and life cycle assessment: A framework accounting for local and global (socio-)environmental impacts. Int. J. Life Cycle Assess. Online first: 1-17., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Préat, N.; Lefaible, N.; Alvarenga, R.A.F.; Taelman, S.E.; Dewulf, J. (2021). Development of a life cycle impact assessment framework accounting for biodiversity in deep seafloor ecosystems: a case study on the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone. Sci. Total Environ. 770: 144747., more
  • Peer reviewed article Quesada-Salas, M.C.; Delfau-Bonnet, G.; Willig, G.; Préat, N.; Allais, F.; Ioannou, I. (2021). Optimization and comparison of three cell disruption processes on lipid extraction from microalgae. Processes 9(2): 369., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Vanoppen, M.; van Vooren, T.; Gutierrez, L.; Roman, M.; Croué, L. J-P.; Verbeken, K.; Philips, J.; Verliefde, A.R.D. (2019). Secondary treated domestic wastewater in reverse electrodialysis: What is the best pre-treatment? Separation and Purification Technology 218: 25-42., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Blandin, G.; Verliefde, A.R.D.; Tang, C.; Le-Clech, P. (2015). Opportunities to reach economic sustainability in forward osmosis-reverse osmosis hybrids for seawater desalination. Desalination 363: 26-36., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Li, Y; Krantz, B; Cornelissen, R; Post, W; Verliefde, A.R.D.; Tang, Y (2013). A novel hybrid process of reverse electrodialysis and reverse osmosis for low energy seawater desalination and brine management. Appl. Energy 104: 592-602., more
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  • Abbasi, H.; Verliefde, A.; Agh, N.; Atashbar, B. (2013). Evaluation of ion exchange capacity of acid activated, thermally treated Iranian Na-bentonite as a cheap alternative for ammonium removal in aquaculture farms of Iran and comparison with H-zeolite synthesis, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Young Marine Scientists' Day. Brugge, Belgium, 15 February 2013. VLIZ Special Publication, 63: pp. 8, more

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