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North Sea Award - laureates

Every year VLIZ awards a prize at the VLIZ Marine Science Day to promote innovative fundamental or applied research. This research has to focus on the study of the structure or processes of the North Sea, in particular the Southern Bight and the English Channel.


dr. Emil De Borger

Effects of natural processes and human activity on North Sea sediment biogeochemistry

PhD thesis  UGent - Marine Biology (MARBIOL) & NIOZ


dr. Camille Gaulier

Trace metals in estuarine and coastal waters: Dynamics, speciation and bioavailability under various environmental conditions 

PhD thesis  VUB - Analytical, Environmental and Geochemistry (AMGC)


dr. Evelien Brand

Intertidal beach morphodynamics of a macro-tidal sandy coast (Belgium)

PhD thesis     VUB - Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering (HYDR)


dr. Sebastiaan van de Velde

'Electron shuttling and elemental cycling in the seafloor'                                             

PhD thesis     University of California, Riverdale (VSA)


dr. Maria Anouk Goedknegt

'Pacific oysters and parasites: Species invasions and their impact in parasite-host interactions'

PhD thesis     NIOZ - COS


dr. Alberto Scoma

'The “Alcanivorax paradox”: Mild hydrostatic pressure impacts deep-sea oil bioremediation'

(a collection of articles)

2016a     2016b     2016c     2016d     UGent - CMET


Dr Eng Filip Meysman and team

'Discovery of long-distance microbial electron transport in the seafloor of the North Sea'
(a collection of articles)

2014     2015 VUB - Department of Analytical, Environmental, and Geo-chemistry


dr. Christine Rosenørn Overgaard

'Een spiering uitwerpen om een kabeljauw te vangen - How and why the Dutch fished for cod 1818-1911'

PhD thesis University of Southern Denmark


dr. Anouk de Brauwere

'Multi-disciplinary/scale modelling of the Scheldt Estuary and tidal river network'
(a collection of articles from 2009 to today)

2009   2012   2013a   2013b   2014 UCL - Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering (IMMC)


dr Griet Neukermans

'Optical in situ and geostationary satellite-borne observations of suspended particles in coastal waters' 

PhD thesis Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale; Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences (LOG)


dr Eric Struyf:

'Historical land use change has lowered terrestrial silica mobilization to the North Sea and the Scheldt Estuary'

Nature Communications - LUCI-projectrapport UA - Ecosystem Management Research Group (ECOBE)


dr Marijn Rabaut

'Lanice conchilega, fisheries and conservation: towards an ecosystem approach to marine management'

PhD thesis UGent - Marine Biology Research Group (MARBIOL)



dr Mieke Mathys

'The Quaternary geological evolution of the Belgian Continental Shelf, southern North Sea'

PhD thesis UGent - Renard Centre of Marine Geology (RCMG)


dr Els Verfaillie

'Development and validation of spatial distribution models of marine habitats, in support of the ecological valuation of the seabed'

PhD thesis UGent - Renard Centre of Marine Geology (RCMG)


dr Sofie Vandendriessche

'Floating seaweed as ephemeral neustonic habitat' 

PhD thesis UGent - Marine Biology Research Group (MARBIOL)


dr Eric Stienen

'Living with gulls - Trading of food and predation in the Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis'

PhD thesis University of Groningen


dr Oscar G. Bos

'Recruitment variation of Macoma balthica (L.). Is there a role for larval food limitation?' 

PhD thesis University of Groningen


dr Dries Bonte

'Distribution of spiders in coastal grey dunes - Spatial patterns and evolutionary-ecological importance of dispersal' 

PhD thesis UGent


dr Tim Verslycke

'Endocrine disruption in the estuarine invertebrate Neomysis integer (Crustacea: Mysidacea)'

PhD thesis UGent


dr Jan Geert Hiddink

'The adaptive value of migrations for the bivalve Macoma balthica'

PhD thesis University of Groningen


dr Bregje Beyst

'Epi- and hyperbenthic communities of Belgian sandy beaches' 

PhD thesis UGent


dr Johan Craeymeersch

'Distribution of macrofauna in relation to the micro-distribution of trawling effort' 

PhD thesis UGent - Marine Biology Research Group (MARBIOL)