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The Importance of Water Movements for Biology and Distribution of Marine Organisms: 2nd European Symposium on Marine Biology, Bergen 24-28 August 1967
Brattström, H.; Matthews, J.B.L. (Ed.) (1968). The Importance of Water Movements for Biology and Distribution of Marine Organisms: 2nd European Symposium on Marine Biology, Bergen 24-28 August 1967. Sarsia, 34. Norwegian Universities Press: Bergen. 398 pp.
Part of: Sarsia. University of Bergen. Universitetsforlaget: Bergen. ISSN 0036-4827; e-ISSN 1503-1128, more
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  • 2nd European Marine Biology Symposium, more

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  • Brattström, H., editor
  • Matthews, J.B.L., editor, more

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