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emer. Prof. Dr Van Grieken, René [ retired ]
    Universiteit Antwerpen; Centrum voor Micro- en Sporenanalyse (MITAC), more
    Function: Head research group
  • Atmospheric deposition fluxes to the Belgian marine waters originating from ship emissions, more
  • Atmospheric Nitrogen input into the North Sea: inorganic and organic nutrient fluxes, more
  • Blootstelling van bevolkingsgroepen wonend in het hart van de Euregio aan polluerende atmosferische deeltjes: het geval van de fijne stofdeeltjes, more
  • Chemical transformation processes and measurement of volatile acids and ammonium salts above the North Sea, more
  • Chemische karakterisatie van aërosolen en evaluatie van atmosferische depositie van zware metalen in Siberië, more
  • Chemistry of the North Sea - Biogeochemical cycles of heavy metals in the North Sea; Atmospheric pollution by heavy metals above the North Sea and the evaluation of air-sea interaction processes: Material flux from the Scheldt estuary to the North Sea; Material input and transport through discharges, exploitation of sand and dredging, more
  • Comparative analysis of x-ray emission, electron and laser microprobe methods for the study of contents and structure of coastal aerosols (North Sea and Black Sea), more
  • Control of the pollution of the North Sea by radioactivity and heavy metals in aerosols; estimation of the deposition fluxes, more
  • Deposition of heavy metals and nutrients over water surfaces (lakes and seas) due to anthropogenic processes: case of Lake Balaton, Hungary, more
  • Development of evaluation criteria, prediction and control methods concerning sea-salt effects on monument stones, more
  • Free tropospheric aerosols and their mixing with the marine boundary layer, more
  • Gather and promote Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere related belgian efforts, more
  • Marine spray and polluted atmosphere as factors of damage to monuments in the Mediterranean coastal environment, more
  • Micro-analysis methods for individual aerosol particles: application in the context of global climate change, more
  • Optimization of micro-analysis methods for individual environmental particles, more
  • Polluting atmospheric particles along the French-Flemish North Sea coast: border transports and impact on the environment. Transborder cooperation and sensitization, more
  • Quality status and terrestrial inputs for the North Sea, more
  • Research on toxic fumes which seafarers on board tankers are exposed to during normal (working) operations, more
  • Role of oceanic production and dissolution of calcium carbonate in climate change, more
  • Role of the calcium carbonate skeletons of marine organisms in the oceanic calcite balance, more
  • Study of the geochemical cycles of particulate heavy metals and organic micropollutants in the North Sea environment, more
  • Studying the speciation of nutrients and metals in marine aerosols using low-Z element detection in electron probe X-ray micro-analysis, more
  • The Biogeochemistry of Nutrients, Metals and Organic Micropollutants in the North Sea, more
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