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dr. Van Colen, Carl

Dr. Carl Van Colen has a broad interest in the functioning of the seafloor and its inhabitants, their interactions within the community and with the environment. He uses experimental approaches ranging from large-scale field experiments to microcosm experiments to unravel the underpinning mechanisms of community (in) stability and its consequences for ecosystem processes, functioning and service delivery, e.g. biogeochemical cycling. In addition, he studies the influence of current and predicted future environmental changes (ocean warming, acidification, hypoxia, microplastic exposure, salinity and sedimentological change) on the performance of key soft-sediment benthic species during different life stages and at different levels of biological organization. He is a lecturer at BSc and MSc level in Marine Ecology, Ecosystem services and management, Biogeochemical cycling, and Community and ecosystem ecology at UGent. In addition, He is involved in practical classes on Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning, Aquatic ecology, Aquatic foodwebs and Spatial ecology. I supervises several BSc and MSc theses per academic year and several PhD projects in the field of marine ecology sponsored by national and European funding agencies.

Thesaurustermen: Benthic-pelagic coupling; Benthos behavioral responses; Biogeochemical cycling; Climate change ecology; Ecosysteem functionering; Ecosystem biodiversity; ecosystem stability and resilience; Environmental changes; estuarine systems; Experimental marine biology and ecology; Klimaatverandering; Milieumonitoring; Multiple stressors; Oceaan verzuring
    Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Onderzoeksgroep Mariene Biologie (MARBIOL), meer
    Functie: Postdoctoral Academic assistant
    Contact op het instituut:
    Tel.: +32-(0)9-264 85 32
    Fax: +32-(0)9-264 85 98
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  • Bio-physical characterization of indicators of sediment stability in mudflats using remote sensing, meer
  • Ecologische monitoring kustverdedigingsproject Oostende (T0-situatie), meer
  • Estuarine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning under benthic and pelagic sediment change, meer
  • ExPERimental approaches towards Future Sustainable Use of North Sea Artificial HarD SubstratEs, meer
  • Gebiedsvisie voor het grensoverschrijdende uitgebreide Zwin, inclusief een beheerplan en monitoring voor het uitgebreide Zwin aan Vlaamse zijde, meer
  • Identifying relationships between ecosystem attributes (diversity, functioning and services) and human pressures in salt marshes, meer
  • Living in multi-stressed sediments: behavioral consequences for the functioning and diversity in coastal habitats, meer
  • Modelling benthos-mediated biogeochemical cycling in estuarine environments, meer
  • Spatio-temporal variability in benthic-pelagic coupling and the role of macrobenthos, meer
  • Successie -en rekolonisatiemechanismen van het macrobenthos in slikken, meer
  • Understanding the mechanisms of recovery and resilience in marine soft-bottom assemblages, meer
  • Data for the Nature Climate Change article "Clam feeding plasticity reduces herbivore vulnerability to ocean warming and acidification", meer
  • Data from the study: Combined, short-term exposure to reduced seawater pH and elevated temperature induces community shifts in an intertidal meiobenthic assemblage, meer
  • DefRek: Defaunatie-rekolonisatie van een benthische gemeenschap In de Westerschelde, meer
  • Intertidal epibenthos and demersal fish monitoring in function of a foreshore suppletion at the Belgian coast, period 2013-2016, meer
  • Intertidal hyperbenthos monitoring in function of a foreshore suppletion at the Belgian coast, period 2013-2016, meer
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